Chick - Tan Waffles

Two Crispy Waffles, Topped W/ Southern Fried Seitan, Homemade Gravy & Maple Syrup.

Dill With It Scramble

Crispy Hashbrowns Tossed W/ Tofu Scramble, Roasted Seasonal Veggies, Fresh Dill & Tomato Ragu. Drizzled W/ nacho 'Cheese' Sauce.

You Can Add to Any Dish!

~Beyond Meat Sausage ~ Avocado ~ BBQ jackfruit ~ Grilled Tofu ~

Better Benny

Seasoned Tofu, Avocado & Tomato Ragu, Stacked On Top of a Toasted English Muffin W/ Perfect Hollandaise Sauce.

Bucky Cakes

Buckwheat Pancakes With Blueberry Compote, fresh Basil-Berry Salsa & Coconut Shred. Topped W/ Coconut Whipcream.


~Potato Wedges ~ Hashbrowns ~ Fruit Salad ~ Greens ~ Daily Soup ~

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Dandelion Bowl

Local Mixed Lettuce & Lentils, Roasted Seasonal Veggies (Including Fresh Cabbage, Cucumber, Carrots, Peppers, Radish &Sprouts.
Topped W/ Fresh Avocado, Creamy Tahini Dressing

Chick - Tan Caesar Wrap

Crispy Southern Fried Seitan / Mixed Grilled Veggies Tosseed In Buffalo Sauce. Rolled Up In A Whole-Wheat Tortilla.

No Rules Burger

Inhouse Made Lentil & Quinoa Burger Smothered In Our Cultured Tzatziki. Topped W/ Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, Ketchup & Mustard. Served Between two Smashed Plantains.

Zoodle Pesto Bowl

Spiralized Zucchini Tossed W/ Our Lemon WallnutPesto, Kale & Fresh Tomatoes. Topped W/ Cashew Parmesan.